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  5 Key Standards All Subjects

Grade 5
Grade 5
Grade 5


Vocabulary and Concept Development

Key Standard

1.3 5   Understand and explain frequently used synonyms, antonyms, and homographs.

Reading Comprehension


Key Standard

2.2 4  Analyze text that is organized in sequential or chronological order.

Writing, Listening and Speaking

Writing Strategies


Penmanship and Word Processing

Key Standard

1.6 5  Edit and revise manuscripts to improve the meaning and focus of writing by adding, deleting, consolidating, clarifying, and rearranging words and sentences.

Teach Practice Assess

Paintball Punc-

tuation (click maybe later)


reading Makes Perfect

Quia:  Is this Sentence Correct?
Power Proof-reading   Quia!  Punctuate!

Written and Oral Conventions

Sentences and Phrases

Key Standard

1.1 4  Identify and correctly use prepositional phrases, appositives, and independent and dependent clauses; use transitions and conjunctions to connect ideas.

Teach Practice Assess
  Sentence Speedway Phrases and Clauses





Key Standard

1.5 4  Spell roots, suffixes, prefixes, contractions, and syllable constructions correctly.

Teach Practice Assess
Bitesize Race to Ramses  
Spelling help


ground Spells

Spelling Quiz
10 tips to better spelling Word Safari - use your own word list  






Number Sense

estimate and round

2.0 Students perform

calculations and

solve problems involving

addition, subtraction,

and simple multiplication

and division of fractions

and decimals.

Key Standard

2.1   Estimate, round, and manipulate very large (e.g., millions) and very small (e.g., thousandths) numbers.


2.23  Demonstrate proficiency with division, including division with positive decimals and long division with multidigit divisors.


Key Standard



Algebra and Functions

Solving Equations


Key Standard


1.26 Use a letter to represent an unknown number; write and evaluate simple algebraic expressions in one variable by substitution.

Teach Practice Assess

Algebraic Reasoning



Spy Guys Balancing Equations    



Charts, Data,

Function Tables and Graphs

Key Standard

1.44 Identify and graph ordered pairs in the four quadrants of the coordinate plane.

Key Standard

1.5 5 Solve problems involving linear functions with integer values; write the equation; and graph the resulting ordered pairs of integers on a grid.

Teach Practice Assess
Teacher Tube add and subt integers Function Machine  
Whole Number Cruncher Locate the Aliens  

Spy Guys Under-

standing Integers


Measurement and Geometry




Key Standard


2.24 Know that the sum of the angles of any triangle is 180° and the sum of the angles of any quadrilateral is 360° and use this information to solve problems.

Teach Practice Assess
  Angles Shapes