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   2 Reading

Grade 2

1.1  3  Recognize and use knowledge of spelling patterns (e.g., diphthongs, special vowel spellings) when reading.

1.23  Apply knowledge of basic syllabication rules when reading (e.g., vowel-consonant-vowel= su/per; vowel-consonant/consonant-vowel = sup/per).

1.3  Decode two-syllable nonsense words and regular multisyllable words.

Teach Practice Assess


1.4  Recognize common abbreviations (e.g., Jan., Sun., Mr., St.).

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Grade 2 Quiz


Match game 1


Months of the Year


People, days



1.5 Identify and correctly use regular plurals (e.g., -s, -es, -ies) and irregular plurals (e.g., fly/flies, wife/wives).

1.6 Read aloud fluently and accurately and with appropriate intonation and expression.

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Big Big World Interactive Stories

Little Bear Stories


Silent books to decode and repeat practice

Moogie the Magic Beastie


Stories and Rhymes


Arthur Stories


Reading Planet


Book Pop


Grade 2

1.7 3   Understand and explain common antonyms and synonyms.


1.8 2   Use knowledge of individual words in unknown compound words to predict their meaning.

1.9 2   Know the meaning of simple prefixes and suffixes (e.g., over-, un-, - ing, -ly).


Teach Practice Assess

Book Buddy

Word Jungle

Bulding Prefixes

Prefix Millionaire

Race to Ramses

Fish Tank

1.10 3   Identify simple multiple-meaning words.

Teach Practice Assess

Word Play

A feast of Homonyms

Escape From Planet  Zug



Grade 2

2.1.1  Use titles, tables of contents, and chapter headings to locate information in expository text.


Teach Practice Assess



2.2 n/a   State the purpose in reading (i.e., tell what information is sought).


Teach Practice Assess


2.3 2   Use knowledge of the author’s purpose(s) to comprehend informational text.

Teach Practice Assess

Deduction Activity




2.42   Ask clarifying questions about essential textual elements of exposition (e.g., why, what if,

Teach Practice Assess

Rags to Riches



The Cream Cake Mystery

5w's millionaire



2.5 3   Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.

Teach Practice Assess

Restate Facts and details Slideserve



2.6 3   Recognize cause-and-effect relationships in a text.

Teach Practice Assess

The Cream Cake Mystery


2.72   Interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Teach Practice Assess

Play Golf!



2.82   Follow two-step written instructions.

Story Follow Along
Teach Practice Assess

Dinos Rock

Map Routes and Directions Game

Little Red High Tops

The Mammal Marathon

The Golden Ball

The Riddle Quest

3 Country Critters

Grade 2

blueprint 9%        

3.1 2  Compare and contrast plots, settings, and characters presented by different authors.

Teach Practice Assess

3.2 1   Generate alternative endings to plots and identify the reason or reasons for, and the impact of, the alternatives.

Teach Practice Assess

3.31  Compare and contrast different versions of the same stories that reflect different cultures.

Teach Practice Assess


3.4 2 Define figurative language (e.g., simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification) and
identify its use in literary works.

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