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  1 Reading

 Grade 1

Concepts About Print


1.1   Match oral words to printed words.


1.2   Identify the title and author of a reading selection

Teach Practice Assess

1.3   Identify letters, words, and sentences.

Grade 1


Phonemic Awareness

1.4 Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in single-syllable words.

1.5 Distinguish long- and short-vowel sounds in orally stated single-syllable words
(e.g., bit/bite).

Teach Practice Assess

Starfall Learn to Read ACtivities

Picture Match - long or short vowel sounds

Long Vowels

BrainPop Moby Match

Chicken Stacker

Short Vowels

Magic e softschool

Poem Pack

Long Vowel Drop

The Electric Company Video

Match of Mystery


Phonemic Awareness


1.6 Create and state a series of rhyming words, including consonant blends.

1.8 Blend two to four phonemes into recognizable words (e.g., /c/a/t/ = cat; /f/l/a/t/ = flat).


1.9 Segment single-syllable words into their components (e.g., cat = /c/a/t/; splat = /s/p/l/a/t/;
rich = /r/i/ch/).

Teach Practice Assess


Starfall Learn to Read ACtivities



Grade 1

1.11  Read common, irregular sight words (e.g., the, have, said, come, give, of).

1.12  Use knowledge of vowel digraphs and r-controlled letter sound associations to read words.

1.13 Read compound words and contractions.

Teach Practice Assess

chunking words with Starfall

compound word hangman

oswego compound




compound word matching


Gus and Inky Shell game


word matching level 2

Kidport test

word matching

1.14 Read inflectional forms (e.g., -s, -ed, -ing) and root words (e.g., look, looked, looking).
Teach Practice Assess

Suffix Practice

1.15 Read common word families (e.g., -ite, -ate).
Teach Practice Assess

Words and Pictures Postcard

blending bowl

Dositey Word Families

Word Family Sort




Word Wheels 2


Construct a


1.16 Read aloud with fluency in a manner that sounds like natural speech.
Grade 1

1.17  Classify grade-appropriate categories of words (e.g., concrete collections of animals,
foods, toys).


Grade 1


2.1  Identify text that uses sequence or other logical order.



Teach Practice Assess


a flower

Arthur Stories


Does it make sense?

Simple Sentences

Does it make sense 2?


2.2  Respond to who, what, when, where, and how questions.


Teach Practice Assess

The Cream Cake Mystery



2.3  Follow one-step written instructions.


Teach Practice Assess

2.4  Use context to resolve ambiguities about word and sentence meanings.

Teach Practice Assess

2.5 Confirm predictions about what will happen next in a text by identifying key words
(i.e., signpost words).

Teach Practice Assess

Dig It!


Drawing Conclusions


Drawing Conclusions 2



2.6  Relate prior knowledge to textual information.

Teach Practice Assess

Story conversation:  Henry and the Sugar Bugs


2.7  Retell the central ideas of simple expository or narrative passages.

Teach Practice Assess

Baby Comp Quizzes


The Little Fish

Grade  1

3.1 Identify and describe the elements of plot, setting, and character(s) in a story, as well as the story’s beginning, middle, and ending.

Teach Practice Assess

3.2   Describe the role of authors and illustrators and their contributions to print materials.

Teach Practice Assess

3.3   Recollect, talk, and write about books read during the school year.

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