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1.11  Read common, irregular sight words (e.g., the, have, said, come, give, of).

1.12  Use knowledge of vowel digraphs and r-controlled letter sound associations to read words.

1.13 Read compound words and contractions.

Teach Practice Assess

chunking words with Starfall

compound word hangman

oswego compound




compound word matching


Gus and Inky Shell game


word matching level 2

Kidport test

word matching

1.14 Read inflectional forms (e.g., -s, -ed, -ing) and root words (e.g., look, looked, looking).
Teach Practice Assess

Suffix Practice

1.15 Read common word families (e.g., -ite, -ate).
Teach Practice Assess

Words and Pictures Postcard

blending bowl

Dositey Word Families

Word Family Sort




Word Wheels 2


Construct a


1.16 Read aloud with fluency in a manner that sounds like natural speech.



1.1  3  Recognize and use knowledge of spelling patterns (e.g., diphthongs, special vowel spellings) when reading.

1.23  Apply knowledge of basic syllabication rules when reading (e.g., vowel-consonant-vowel= su/per; vowel-consonant/consonant-vowel = sup/per).

1.3  Decode two-syllable nonsense words and regular multisyllable words.

Teach Practice Assess


1.4  Recognize common abbreviations (e.g., Jan., Sun., Mr., St.).

Teach Practice Assess


Grade 2 Quiz


Match game 1


Months of the Year


People, days



1.5 Identify and correctly use regular plurals (e.g., -s, -es, -ies) and irregular plurals (e.g., fly/flies, wife/wives).

1.6 Read aloud fluently and accurately and with appropriate intonation and expression.

Teach Practice Assess


Big Big World Interactive Stories

Little Bear Stories


Silent books to decode and repeat practice

Moogie the Magic Beastie


Stories and Rhymes


Arthur Stories


Reading Planet


Book Pop


1.1 Know and use complex word families when reading (e.g., -ight) to decode unfamiliar words.


1.2 Decode regular multisyllabic words.

Teach Practice Assess


1.3 Read aloud narrative and expository text fluently and accurately and with appropriate
pacing, intonation, and expression.

Teach Practice Assess
  Silent online stories