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1.1 Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.

Teach Practice Assess

Parts of a Book Tutorial


1.2 Follow words from left to right and from top to bottom on the printed page.

Teach Practice Assess

How we read from Left to Right


1.3 Understand that printed materials provide information.

Teach Practice Assess

1.4 Recognize that sentences in print are made up of separate words.

Teach Practice Assess

1.5 Distinguish letters from words.

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1.7 Track (move sequentially from sound to sound) and represent the number, sameness / difference, and order of two and three isolated phonemes (e.g., /f, s, th/, /j, d, j/).

1.9 Blend vowel-consonant sounds orally to make words or syllables.

1.10 Identify and produce rhyming words in response to an oral prompt.

1.11 Distinguish orally stated one-syllable words and separate into beginning or ending

1.12 Track auditorily each word in a sentence and each syllable in a word.

1.13 Count the number of sounds in syllables and syllables in words.

Teach Practice Assess

Syllable Factory

Word Jumbler




1.14 Match all consonant and short-vowel sounds to appropriate letters.

1.15  Read simple one-syllable and high-frequency words (i.e., sight words).

Teach Practice Assess

Starfall Learn to Read

Room 108 Sight Words

Word Drop

Cvc Pop

Color Word Match

Drag and Drop

LOOK, cover, write and check

Animal Word Match

Easy Word Drop

Sight Word Pre Primer Chart

Shape Word Match

Inkless Tales

Word Readers

Crazy Word Singer

Scroll down for color words test

Learn Dolch/Fry Words

The Cat in the HaT

The Sentence Game

Catch a Fish

Dolch Word Match

1.16 Understand that as letters of words change, so do the sounds (i.e., the alphabetic principle).

Teach Practice Assess

Chicken Coup

Orson's Farm

Sassy Seals

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Ending Digraphs

Word Endings



1.17 Identify and sort common words in basic categories (e.g., colors, shapes, foods).


1.18 Describe common objects and events in both general and specific language.


2.1 Locate the title, table of contents, name of author, and name of illustrator.

Teach Practice Assess

2.2   Use pictures and context to make predictions about story content.

Teach Practice Assess

The Cream Cake Mystery

2.3   Connect to life experiences the information and events in texts.

Teach Practice Assess

2.4   Retell familiar stories.

2.5   Ask and answer questions about essential elements of a text.

Teach Practice Assess


3.1 Distinguish fantasy from realistic text.


3.2  Identify types of everyday print materials (e.g., storybooks, poems, newspapers,
signs, labels).

Teach Practice Assess

3.3   Identify characters, settings, and important events.

Teach Practice Assess