Spang Gang Survivor Series

Center-based curriculum for all grade levels

-part of The Spang Gang Web Program

Welcome to Survivor !

  Survivor is high interest center-based curriculum that showcases freeware to teach, practice and assess Standards.   Survivor's main goal is to bring more opportunities for student-centered learning within a gaming community. We encourage at-home practice on the Survivor Practice Page to help build core grade level skills in math and language arts.  

    Students in each class are divided into groups of equal ability. Teams come to the  Whole Class Survivor room and compete using teacher recommended, standards-based games.  After each round, each team votes one member "on" based on positive character traits. These individuals are invited back at the end of the year for the Individual Survivor Tournament.  During recess and lunch, they compete against other challengers to earn the title of "Ultimate Survivor."  Prizes are awarded each year for individual and group competitions

Students can encourage their own successes by practicing on the Survivor Practice Page, and researching upcoming challenges through the Survivor Challenge Preview Pages on the left.