...combining Intervention and Resource makes perfect sense!


Program Overview

Our 4 week program targeted Resource and Intervention students' progress in reading, writing and math after receiving intensive small group instruction.  The goal was to service 75% Resource students, include 25% intervention students, while encouraging marked progress toward target areas.  Target areas were decided based on reviewing RS caseloads of the three feeder schools attending summer school at Rosedell.   Small group pull-out was offered to 41 Resource/24 Intervention totaling 65 students served through a combined resource / intervention model.     Weekly whole class support was provided through our Survivor Lab.

Target Areas


  • K-2 - phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, sight word knowledge, and word attack skills 
  • 3-5 - Word attack skills, sight word knowledge and reading comprehension.


  • 6 writing traits rubric, sentence/paragraph building, proofread and editing

Math (3 classes only) targeting lowest math kids in summer school

  • K-2 Early Math - number and money recognition
  • 1-3 Basic math - relationship between addition and subtraction, place value, counting money and making change.
  • 4-5 Number Play  - multiplication fact knowledge through Skill reinforcement and mnemonic devices, counting money and making change.

The Spang Gang Survivor Series

  • Supported classes with curriculum in all areas.  
  • Based on teacher interview of target areas. 
  • Rotations generated for practice and remediation of difficult concepts
  • All activities aligned to state standards.

Survivor Practice 

  • Small group practice on upcoming Survivor activities
  • Intensive training provided on how to use The Spang Gang Web Program


  • play money provided reinforcement for positive behavior
  • money provided built-in lessons on money recognition, counting, and making change to $5.00.
  • Students could purchase from The Treasure Store every Friday.


Departmentalized Resource Specialist team

  • 2 full time (half day) reading teachers
  • One 4 day per wk writing teacher
  • One 4 day Math/Survivor teacher
  • One 3. 75 hour per day instructional assistant
  • One Assessor to collect data through pre and post testing for 9 flex half days

Service Times - 30 min per session

  • small groups no larger than 6
  • 4 days per wk of instruction in Reading
  • 3 days per wk in Writing
  • 1 day per wk Survivor Practice
  • Special math classes 3 days per week. 

All Resource and Intervention participants received 4 hours (240 min) per wk pull out time.  

Intensive math program participants received an additional 90 minutes per wk.

Survivor component

  • Every summer school class attended the Survivor Lab for one hour a week.
  • Students were placed in groups of 6 and rotated through standards based curriculum.
  • Teachers were interviewed on areas of weakness and games targeted most salient concerns.  

See gr. 1 for sample.