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Time and Money          

Time Hour Half and Quarter

By the minute

Elapsed Time
Money Under $1.00

Money Level 2

Visual tool: move the hand

Visual tool: show time relationships

Visual tool:  go forward and back up to 5 min

To the 5 min

Telling time

Mult choice quiz

To the Minute

Ranking time  through higher or lower  choose time analogue

2 4

Match clocks

to the minute

Apples 4

the teacher: 

tell time

Telling the time



U pick


hour or min

Stop the Clock -

to 5 min

Stop the Clock

to the minute

Feeding Time

Clock flashcards

Compare using < or >

Clock matching

Matching time to word quiz

Tikabilla Clock

Telling Time Quia


Bang on Time:

To the words including past and 'til

Nash choose correct time in word problems

Calendar Games

Time Calculation

Tell the time


4 5

Train times game

reason out times of departure and arrival

Under $1.00

AAA Math


Adding nickles and pennies

Adding dimes and pennies

Adding dimes, nickles and pennies

Converting pennies and dimes

Converting pennies and nickles

Converting between pennies, nickles and dimes

Converting nickles,dimes and quarters

1 2 3

Spending Spree very basic


New!  Freddy's Fast Food!


1 2 3

How many Cents?

4 5

*click "Money,"

then "Farm Stand"

for grocery store


1 2 3

Money Checker

use to check

Counting Change

math game