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Measurement and Geometry              


Area and


Volume and


Geometry Shapes Angles Reflection and Symmetry

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Measurement tests


activity page

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perimeter, area

and volume

help and test

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Lots of Measurement games and activities

The Biggest

Ranking from smallest to Largest


Liquid Measurement Can you fill it?

Poodle Weigh in

Charlie the Seal

Weigh it up

Alien Cookbook


Shape Excavator

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Chart:  Finding Area

Everything you want

to know about area and perimeter

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Lesson:  Find the area

and perimeter of rectangles

Chart:  Finding Perimeter and Circumference

Banana Hunt- estimate degrees in a circle area

Calculate area of triangles

Chart:  Finding Perimeter and Circumference

Chart:  Finding Volume

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Math game Volume and Measurement Lesson

Surface area and Volume interactive tool

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Interesting:  Standard Measurements in Sports

Lots of




Geo Flashcards

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*click"Match up" 

Match simple

shapes with words

Buzzing with shapes

2-D Shapes

Matching Pairs

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Types of Polygons description and practice through AAA math

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Match 3D shapes with unfolded model

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3-D Shape Matching

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Shape and space

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Shapes Sorter

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Crater Pairs

Match geometric shapes

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Calamity game

shapes and terms

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Chart types of triangles

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fun introduction

to terms

Sort the Shapes

Hidden Picture terms matching

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Angle Matching

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click correct

angle measure

to shoot comets!

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Acute, Right

or Obtuse Quiz

Angle Estimator

AngleShapes lesson using a protractor

What's my Angle?

Guess the Random Angle

Angle activities

Protractor play with Star Gazing

What's my Angle practice using a protractor

interactive angle term practice

Bathroom Tiles

different types of tesselations

Lines of Symmetry

Puzzle Parlor play

Reflective Symmetry

Cyberchase symmetrizer