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Math Tables

Visual Addition

Single Digit Additionon

More single digits Fact Practice







K 1 2   


Need an addition table?

Click here!  Then Click 

"addition table"

K 1 2 4 5 6

Play with counters,

addition table, hundreds chart, number line,

connecting cubes

and base  ten blocks

K 1 2

add and subt teddy bears

K 1 2

Create your own

math addition table!

Song of the

plus sign

Fight for Fuel

Toss It!  sum of 2 dice

Funny Fingers

K 1 2

Count and add these colorful bugs!

K 1 2

Dive into Math Choose "addition"


Funky Mummy

Addition Tunnel Blaster

Addition Apples

K 1 2

Click addition and complete the number sentence

Rocket jump- using 10 placer to add

Save the whale using 10 placer to add


Knock down the ogre using 5 placer to add

K 1 2

Space hopscotch

adding by 2 and subtracting by 1

K 1 2

2 player addition

Dice game *fun!!!

K 1 2

Adding more story to read

K 1 2

Batter - up


K 1 2


*click addition

and play timed test

Adding 9 Fairy



Addition Memory Game

Monkey math

Spacey Math

Paint Brush Math

Coloring Addition

Ed, Ed and Eddy


Tom and Jerry

Ninja Turtles

2-Player Addition


Dude's Dilemma

cbm: That's a fact

Number Gym

Sum Sense

The Digit WorkOut

Cannon Math

cbm:  addition test

Addition Matho

cbm: adding numbers 1-10

Alien addition

1 2 4


Adding 10 subs

count on and back

Hundreed Hunt +10

Hundred Hunt +11

Hundred Hunt +9

Scooby Doo

2 Minute Warning

2 by 1

Addition Calculator Quiz

cbm:  addition test

level 2

Addition Squirrels

2 by 2

cbm:  addition test

level 3

Addition Cars


High Rise Math

Monkey Addition

Addition Surprise Number line help with addition

e-lab model 2-digit w/regrouping visual

Watch Addem

Play math mayhem  

Click addition

The Train Game

Step by Step

exercise with

2 digit


K 1 2 4 5 6

the Millenium Bug Race

2-player game pick your level

1 2 3

 Frog Jump

The Digit Work Out

Eggs For Legs

Adding 3 2-digit numbers

Mystery Picture

using Estimation:

Estimation Contraption


2 4

The Train Game

Addition practice

from adding single

digits up to 3 digits

with regrouping,

just pick your level

Addition Gaps