Rosedell's Intensive Intervention Workshop

Number Sense


Does the building of 4th grade Number Sense with a workshop series that combines...
a. The Spang Gang Web Program (gr 4 Number Sense only)
b. STAR - like question review
positively influence the current year’s STAR score of a selected group of 5th and 6th graders?

Student Selection Process:

5th grade Students under 50% on Number Sense based on 4th grade STAR results

Duration:  1 hour 2 days a week for 10 weeks

Purple numbers represent the gains in percentage points over the extent of the workshop

What this graph shows:

  • %age increase range: +14-52 points
  • Some testing dips occurred throughout trials
  • Scores increased on average of 29%

What Next?

Compare STAR results of 4th grade STAR to current 5th grade STAR testing.


Testing Tool built on Quia
-38 problems
utilized STAR test samples for comparison
-direct alignment problem by problem

Quia - STAR Number Sense 4 *now open to all students

ex: Derek has 459 cards in his Pokemon collection. In order to reach his goal of 550 cards, how many more cards does he need to collect?
Possible answers:
• 99
• 109
• 101
• 91